Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am heading to the recording studio this afternoon to start putting down tracks for a new song our keyboard player (Eric) and I wrote earlier this year. The song is called Kyrie and I am looking forward to starting this process once again. I love recording, it's an art all its own, and there is something amazing about this form of creativity.

Here are the lyrics:

Words & music: Eric Reynolds, Jeanine Guidry
(c) 2007 Offering Publishing

See the light shine through the dark clouds
Broken up by drops of rain
See the heavens reveal such sorrow
And brush the sky with a crimson stain
And brush the sky with a crimson stain

Feel the heat of the desert sun
Breathe the air so dry it chokes
To dream of winds that bring the storm clouds
To spill the rain, to refresh our hope
Spill the rain, refresh our hope

Taste the bread of living grain
Broken up by holy hands
Drink the wine of the eternal vineyard
Spilling out from holy hands
Spilling out from holy hands

Kyrie Eleison
Christe Eleison
Kyrie Eleison
Have mercy on us (2x)

Hear the song of the mourner’s cries
Hear the groans of the quaking land
Hear the rumble of an angry sky
And the dying words of an innocent man
The dying words of an innocent man

Friday, August 10, 2007


Where to start..... I'm Jeanine, I am Dutch (although living in the US), and I am a singer (but that much this blog title already tells you). I am married to Chris, we live in Richmond, VA, and we have three dogs (Snowball, Cooper, and Foster) and a cat (Precious). This is my spot to write about life - I am not really sure what it will develop into (I write several other blogs but they have specific topics), but that is part of the beauty of this.